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Dakota Rose, bu fotoğrafları ve videoları sayesinde özellikle Japonya ve Çin olmak üzere tüm dünyanın takip ettiği bir blogger haline geldi. (kaynak: mynet)
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Real Life Human Barbie Brooke Shields Opens Up About Childh.. (Latin Post)

Real Life Human Barbie: Brooke Shields Opens Up About Childhood, Barbies ...Shield's new tell-all memoir "There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me" was published on Nov. 18 and reveals, among other things, her mother's approval of 11-year-old Brooke's nude scene in "Pretty Baby" and losing her virginity to ...

What Not To Get Your Child, Or A 2014 Trip To The Toy Aisle.. (Washington Post (blog))

I will never be able to see this as anything other than “Baby's First Voodoo Doll,” so I hope that was what the makers intended. And then there was this: To be frank, I am not yet really ... If Barbie still has those aspirations to be a computer ...

Remember Stretch Armstrong? How To Buy Your Favorite Retro T.. (Today.com)

Remember Stretch Armstrong? How to buy your favorite retro toys for your kids ...Each Beanie Baby, which had its own special identity, was released as a limited edition and distributed selectively. This stimulated demand, and inspired a bevy of knock-off and counterfeit ... producer looks at the lost toys, tastes and trends of the ...

Perks Of Working At A Doll Hospital True Magic Never Dies.. (ChicagoNow (blog))

And let's be real, Legos are still commonly found in most homes, and yes we can all empathize with one another on yes, they still hurt just as much now as they did back then when stepped on. It's simply one of those things that was not intended charm ...

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