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Dakota Rose, bu fotoğrafları ve videoları sayesinde özellikle Japonya ve Çin olmak üzere tüm dünyanın takip ettiği bir blogger haline geldi. (kaynak: mynet)
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Watch This Real - Life Hoverboard Is Almost Impossible To Bel.. (TIME)

Watch: This Real-Life Hoverboard Is Almost Impossible to Believe(You know, in real life as opposed to in the movies.) This “astonishing world record,” according to Guinness, was set by Canadian inventor Catalina Alexandru Duru. In the video above, Duru rises 16 feet in the air and then flies forward 905 feet and 2 ...

Corvette Stingray Is As Fun To Drive As Cars Twice As Expens.. (swissinfo.ch)

(Barbie, with her fly pink version, doesn't count.) That's drivingone on any ... (An eight-speed automatic version is available, but please don't be a baby and get that.) It also has a new ... Driving it feels real, for the first time in your life. It ...

Our Hilarious New Girl Crush Jennifer Love Hewitt Just Got R.. (USA TODAY)

Our hilarious new girl crush Jennifer Love Hewitt just got really real about ...Let's be real. Even though Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant, her body is still a wonderland. Are we right? Have you ever seen such a beautiful bump? For all inquiring and expectant moms, the actress is fighting dry pregnancy skin and stretch marks with ...

This Youtuber Reclaimed The Word 'fat' By Writing Th.. (Business Insider)

This YouTuber reclaimed the word 'fat' by writing the catchiest body ..."She's gross," "She's obese," "She's not healthy," "What a whale," and "Barbie gained weight" are just some of the nasty comments she sees under every new post. "I'm like, that's the main take from my videos?" she said. "So I figured why ... I just ...

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Gerçek Barbi Bebek

haberi, resimleri, videoları Gerçek Barbi Bebek Oylama:7.4/10 74 hakkında kim ne demiş hepsi burada ...
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